• WEDONT – Tru Lov Dont lie

    A new vision of lo fi club leftfield house
  • Teddy Third Child – Out of Sync

    It’s a vibe! a short creative track full of pure energy with a solid rap flow! Don’t be out of sync!
  • Boomtchak

    C’est tout nouveau et c’est très frais! et çà s’appelle BOOMTCHAK! Un savant mélange de bass house avec des vocals de rap fr et anglais par […]
    Boomtchak Kedlagueule
  • WEDONT – Born In Ibiza

    WEDONT gives us Born In Ibiza, a perfect summer hit to make us travel and dance through a percussive House and salsa song. We find the […]
    Wedont - Born in Ibiza
  • Tyra Jutai – Unconditionally

    Tyra Jutai offers us a chance to be part of something unique and unlike anything else out there as she blends pop, electronica and a smidge […]
  • VALHEN C’est Vrai

    Valhen est un auteur compositeur et interprète de 27 ans venu de Lille. Son univers singulier est un mélange de pop indé planante et solaire. Ses […]
  • WEDONT x Granny Smith – So Free

    Tous 2 signés sur V-Dogg, WEDONT et Granny Smith ont décidé en 2022 d’unir leur créativité pour écrire et produire le titre SO FREE. So Free, […]
  • KENDALL – Slow My Mind Down

    KENDALL’s debut single, Slow My Mind Down, captures all of those feelings. It’s a pop ballad with a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for listening to while hanging […]
  • Tor Vik – Hang On

    NYC-based producer and DJ Viktor Kristensen, better known as Tor Vik, makes his entry on our list with “Hang On” a hard-hitting piece ripe with cinematic synths, punchy […]
  • Nada Funk x Think Differently

    Smooth funky jazzy slow house beat with some heady vintage keys and hooky vocals. It’s all about music with the right soul and groove
  • WEDONT – By Your Name

    WEDONT is back with a groovy melancholic Deep house with a touch of soul. Brasilian house & Slap house got a new hero!
  • Granny Smith – Dans mes pensées

    Leur premier album DANS MES PENSEES est riche en sonorités variées telles que la folk, le reggae, un soupçon de disco-funk, un peu d’urbain avec toujours […]
  • Nell Widmer – Corde Sensible

    Unsettling, sensual, dancing, versatile and unique! Discover the new Pop House song written by the talented Nell Widmer and get ready to dance till dawn!
  • Riley Phillips – Take Me Back

    A great alt pop bedroom folk pop song with soothing vocals
  • Bordo – The Mixtape

    Your perfect summer soundtrack!
  • PZX x C’SAR – 6 DU MAT (Feat WEDONT)

    Groupe culte des années 2010, qui a nottament signé plusieurs HITS comme CHUIS BO, CE MATIN VA ETRE UNE PURE SOIREE, LES FILLES ADORENT…les PZK sont […]
  • Tyra Jutai – Never Going Home Again

    Producer, song-writer, singer, and performer. Tyra Jutai is a multi talented Toronto-based and Toronto-born artist. Her music blends alternative beats with dark-soul vocals. Never Going Home […]
  • Darwin x Mainecoon and Akacia – Stay True

    Chill pop meets lofi slow house with viby and aerial vocals by the australian singer Akacia
  • Nell Widmer – Crush

    French singer, songwriter and melodist Nell Widmer has just shared her brand new single Crush, an upbeat piece of disco-infused electro pop music.

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