• WEDONT & NAVA – On veut danser

    WEDONT has been making waves in the music industry with their previous releases, and “On Veut Danser” is sure to be their biggest hit yet.

    YEAH! by Usher caused a stir in the early 2000s! Here is the Slap House remix that will rock all the soundsystems on the planet. Splizz […]
  • PZK, Boomtchak – En BX

    If you need the perfect riding zone soundtrack! you got it here! The production is lofi house with a deep vibe. The voices are repetitive, haunting […]
  • WEDONT – BoomBoomBB (Sped Up Version)

    This is a new sped up version of WEDONT’s release BoomBoomBB on a 135bpm speed! Let’s Boom Boom Baby!
  • Valhen – Face à Face

    Valhen is the chiaroscuro that defines his pieces. At first glance dancing and hovering, you have to listen carefully to note the obvious melancholy that emerges […]
  • Twinsbfit – Strong and ready Remix

    Trap dancehall music created especially for the new Twinsb Fit Home program
  • WEDONT – What You Gonna Do For Me

    3rd Single from his much awaited 1st EP “Outfinity”, What You Gonna Do For Me is a perfect fusion of styles. Catchy vocals by the unexpected […]
  • Antis – Partir Loin

    Antis has opened the door to French pop against a background of dancing House disco since PAR ENVIE, his first single released in 2022, and his […]
  • WEDONT – Vortex

    VORTEX is a mix of emotional house, pop and electro. 
  • Antis – 180

    Antis continues to build its singular and addictive universe with its 2nd single in French “180”. “180” tells a dazzling and destructive love story.
  • Antis – Par Envie

    Son écriture nostalgique et mélancolique est très touchante et pleine d’émotions simples. Ses mélodies restent gravées dans votre tête dès la première écoute. Ses productions sont […]
  • WEDONT – Tru Lov Dont lie

    A new vision of lo fi club leftfield house
  • Teddy Third Child – Out of Sync

    It’s a vibe! a short creative track full of pure energy with a solid rap flow! Don’t be out of sync!
  • Boomtchak

    C’est tout nouveau et c’est très frais! et çà s’appelle BOOMTCHAK! Un savant mélange de bass house avec des vocals de rap fr et anglais par […]
    Boomtchak Kedlagueule
  • WEDONT – Born In Ibiza

    WEDONT gives us Born In Ibiza, a perfect summer hit to make us travel and dance through a percussive House and salsa song. We find the […]
    Wedont - Born in Ibiza
  • Tyra Jutai – Unconditionally

    Tyra Jutai offers us a chance to be part of something unique and unlike anything else out there as she blends pop, electronica and a smidge […]
  • VALHEN C’est Vrai

    Valhen est un auteur compositeur et interprète de 27 ans venu de Lille. Son univers singulier est un mélange de pop indé planante et solaire. Ses […]
  • WEDONT x Granny Smith – So Free

    Tous 2 signés sur V-Dogg, WEDONT et Granny Smith ont décidé en 2022 d’unir leur créativité pour écrire et produire le titre SO FREE. So Free, […]
  • KENDALL – Slow My Mind Down

    KENDALL’s debut single, Slow My Mind Down, captures all of those feelings. It’s a pop ballad with a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for listening to while hanging […]